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The Bristol Renaissance Faire


My birthday outing was going to the Bristol Renaissance Faire.  We looked at people's costumes while we waited to go in.

I wanted to see through the fence to see what the inside was like before we went in.  It was just the very back of the outhouses!

Mom waiting to go in. 

Mom waiting to go in. 

I had birthday money to spend and I was going to look for costume stuff to get. 

This is Douglas at a crossbow stand, and when we came in we split up.  I went with my Dad, and Douglas went with Mom and Danny, a friend who came with us.  The first place me and my Dad went was to a miniature siege weapon shop.  Then we wandered over from shop to shop to a bridge. 


We crossed the bridge and saw a giant climbing wall, then went to a cannon-shooting game.  The game was a big tarp with holes in it, and they'd put a wooden cannon ball in a cannon, and you'd have to pull back a rope and let go, to fire and try to get the cannon ball into the holes.  We did the game, but didn't get anything in.  Then we went looking for a weapons shop.  We found one, but everything was too expensive.  We went looking for armor and chain mail.  We asked somebody, and we still couldn't find it.  There were a lot of shops!  Then we met back up with Douglas, my Mom, and Danny by accident.  Then we asked somebody else where the chainmail shop was, and we found it, but everything was too expensive.  The cheapest coif was $120.


The cheapest chain mail shirt was $500!  Then we just wandered around for awhile.  There was a lot of really cool costumes.


And then I bought a miniature catapult.  Then we met up with Mom and Douglas and Danny for lunch.  I had a bratwurst sausage.  Danny had a ginormous turkey leg.  Mom and Douglas got artichokes, and Douglas helped Danny devour his turkey leg. 


Then we all watched the fire whip show together, and it was raining.  The whip cracking was very loud.

Then I bought a leather arm guard at one shop.  It has three silver buckles on it.  At another shop I bought a handmade steel bearded axe.  The handle is made out of hickory wood, and it's a remodel of a Norse axe.

This man made my axe.

This man made my axe.

We went to a joust.  There were 4 knights, and our knight came in 2nd place.  For practice at the start, there were little magnetic rings hanging from a pole, and they had to get their lance through the rings.  Then there was a catapult that launched a ball with holes, and they had to get the ball caught on their lance. 

Our knight.

Our knight.

The green knight.

The green knight.

After the joust, I went to an armor trying place.  The breastplate was really heavy!

I was expecting there to be more armor for sale, but I had a really good day and I got an axe, an arm guard, and a catapult. 

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