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michael, bethany, douglas, and fynn. + two cats, edmund and sparrow. 



I am Michael.  I long for freedom.  I am an artist, a carpenter, and a painter.  I believe human powered ornithoptry (flap, flap) through purely mechanical means is achievable, more than that, a Necessity.  My designs are well underway.

I love Bethany.  Wow.  My sketchbooks are filled with drawings of her from memory. 

We love people.  Our common dream is to provide freedom for people.  Freedom from judgement; freedom to talk, sing, dance; freedom to create, freedom to believe. 

my art website

my art website

At the end of this roadtrip it's our hope to have found a piece of land on which to stage this dream.  A place we can build numerous structures on, from cob houses to treehouses.  A place we can host whatever forums of freedom God blows in.

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i'm 47, mom to the two lovely rugrats below, a homeschooler, and a bit of a responsibility freak.  a photographer and  designer, a sometime writer, and lover of old people and their stories.  i love to travel, and crave roots.  i love to organize, and hate clutter.  i like peace and quiet, coffee and cream, meals with friends, and listening to the ocean.  i love figuring out what makes people tick, and making connections between people and ideas and patterns of all kinds ... always trying to fit everything into the bigger picture.  i love completing projects.  making photo books ... packaging things really.  i like to be in the background, but sometimes feel stuck there.  i crave the horizon.

my design/photos/writings website

my design/photos/writings website

thanks to my birth culture, my default mode is service, which i love for the wrong reason (accomplishment), so i'm learning to temper it with enjoyment and fellowship.  i'm loyal to a fault, quiet but opinionated, and a recovering member of the society of guilt addicts.  i love my family, my God, and my friends. 

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At 15, I'm the tallest one in the family, and an avid reader of books, player of games, and climber of rocks. I also enjoy making Lego creations, whether they are large or small.

I like food, (mostly the eating part, but cooking as well) and I especially like the variety of foods that I have gotten to try on this trip. I stage battles with Lego creations between me and Fynn, and we have duels with sticks and foam swords. I am looking forward to having our own land to play on, and being able to build our own structures.

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I'm 11 years old. I like to design things. I've been working on an exoskeleton suit based off of a fox. I  like to draw. I've made a go-cart. I like Lego. Douglas and I have a game based off of Lego. Me and my friend Carpenter have a fort in the woods. I want to be a maniacal mechanical engineer when I'm older.