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the goal

what we want to gather, what we want to build when the wayfaring is over ...

what comes after the trip?

(a recent blog post gives a pretty clear idea of what  we hope to bring about ... it's a vision of the future called You're Invited)

the trip will be over when it's over, and after 1145 days on the road (at this writing), it feels mighty soon.  3+ years ago i wrote "i can imagine that it's somewhere in the 9 to 16 month range, but really don't know.  could be anything.  trusting that the where and when will be blindingly obvious." 

The "when" now feels imminent, and we're getting pretty focused on finding a place to land ... but the "where" isn't blindingly obvious yet.  we started the hunting process a couple of months ago, but aren't necessarily done with visits and travel yet.  the goal is becoming more tangible in our hearts though.

as to the where, we are currently looking at the southern Appalachians, for a decent acreage with a southern exposure, in the mountains with lots of trees and a view of the horizon.  however ... the what at the end may end up dictating everything. 

Drool-worthy image courtesy of  Sara y Tzunki  via Flickr

Drool-worthy image courtesy of Sara y Tzunki via Flickr

what's the what?  we want to find some land in the mountains somewhere, maybe near the Appalachian Trail, where we can build a cob/stone house.  one that has a big kitchen/living area with a huge beat up old table that holds endless pots of coffee,  bottles of wine, and bowls of food, as well as notebooks full of ideas, many conversations, and people from all walks of life.  near the house is an outdoor kitchen with attached bath-house, a barn/studio for michael, and a pathway into the woods that takes you to the first treehouse.  probably one that the boys have built, and honed their skills on.  more treehouses are scattered about, some for rent, and some for wanderers or helpers.  some bizarre, some painted, some sculpted, and all in some way part of home.  there's a spirit of learning in the air, of sharing ideas, and of crazy projects.  once the runway gets built, there will be annual gatherings of the birdwinger society, hosted by michael.  the human powered, flappable kind.  freedom to grow and explore and think. 

this dream will take time, and many hands, and land, and materials.  wood and clay, straw and stone.  food supply.  tools (we have lots, but I'm sure need more).  vision.  sweat.  sacrifice.  cooperation.  know how.  relaxed or non-existent building codes.  some way of sustaining the place.  all things we hope to find/gather/figure out on the road.  trusting it all to gel at some point, and bring us to a place to stick the pin in the map and get started.