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what can we do for you?

below is a list of skills that we possess, most of which we've done for hire or livelihood at some point.  we work well together, are good at using whatever is at hand, and tend to be thorough and creative. 

Skilled Labor

  • carpentry
  • painting (interior and exterior)
  • spacking/caulking/repair of wood and plaster
  • stonework, especially field stone patios and walls
  • general home repairs ... roofing, leaks, windows, doors, locks, faucets and light plumbing, light switches, woodwork of any kind, shelving, etc.
  • home renovations and remodeling



things we can do remotely


  • cleaning
  • sorting/organizing
  • bringing order out of chaos
  • yard work
  • tree and bush trimming


Background ...



Attended Pratt and Cooper Union, started doing portraits and murals in high school, built an everything-from-scratch house with his brothers, painted houses for a couple years, worked as an art handler for Pace Galleries for many years, and as an installer/draftsman for Sol LeWitt since 2005.  Paints, sculpts, and writes.

creative, inspired, fearless, ping-pong master, Libra, last-born.



Started work in publishing at 15, BFA in graphic design, 7 years in corporate marketing while rehabbing a house with her dad, 15 years as a freelance designer, overlapping 5 years of that time also as a life coach, most recently focusing on quick and clean web designs

great with words, photography, organizing other people's stuff, project management, making stuff, and listening.