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The DOV is 13!


Yesterday was Douglas’s 13th birthday.  A milestone that I’m not sure I’ve wrapped my mind around, but I’m working on it.  It’s hard to reconcile this creature …

… with this one …

… as it seems like there are either 20 or 2 years in-between, but not 13. 

We named him Douglas Orion Vedder with the intent to immediately nickname him the DOV.  It’s never stuck as anything other than a written moniker, and he’s been referred to as Douglas for most of his life, though he happily answers to Doug as well when other folks call him that.  He gets Douglas from us, or Douglas ORION when I’m ticked off at him. 

(ticked off ... like when he pretends to pass out when descending on the auto-belay at the gym.  sigh).

(ticked off ... like when he pretends to pass out when descending on the auto-belay at the gym.  sigh).

He’s going to read this, so I have to watch my words :), but he’s growing into quite a delightful young man.  The older he gets, the more his humor (macabre ... see above ... and rather dry most of the time) is something I can relate to all too easily.  He’s starting to show his Rule side in growing more fond of puns also.  I’m not quite sure where his height is coming from, but if we don’t get back on the road mighty soon he’s likely to be forced into sleeping in a fetal position as he’ll have outgrown his bunk!  He continues to shoot up like a weed. 

His birthday ended up quite low key, but utterly enjoyable.   Pancakes, decorations, and then an outing to the climbing gym with the local home school group.  Gratis for all of us, thanks to the neighbor friend who organized it, and a delightfully relaxed atmosphere.  He wore himself out, as did we all, though Fynn would argue otherwise.  Michael and I belayed for a good part of the time, but had a chance to climb a bit ourselves at the end also. 

Dinner was a favorite of his (tortilla soup) and then GF chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches for dessert. 

The neighbors came over to help devour them, and a good time was had by all.  It was really nice to take a day off from work and worries and planning, to just enjoy celebrating a boy turning into a young man.   One that looks uncannily like me at times, has a crazy low voice already, and is going to need a razor very soon.  He’s taking off, sprouting wings and ideas and slow-growing smiles, and heading into teenager territory with more aplomb than I thought possible.  He’s a true delight to have around, and though I didn’t know it was possible to fall more in love with my boy, but it’s proving to be very easy.

Happy 14th year, Douglas!


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