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Bobby's Birthday


all but the cats write here ... to remember, to share, to mumble, to shout ... follow along by RSS or email if you like.

Bobby's Birthday


It's Bobby's birthday and we're having a medieval-themed birthday and we're decorating it with medieval things.  This is Bobby sitting at the throne at the start of the meal.

This is the Queen of the Castle of Stepp smiling insanely.

Douglas, the Wizard of Barnacle, with his staff glowing and exploding. 

I was Fynn, Knight of Barnacle, with a shiny-tipped sword.

The world's most insane court jester, 90 years old, who hunts peacocks.

The King before the meal, without his crown, in front of a present (a painting).

At the meal, we got a menu at the start with lots of items from a king's court.  And there was three different courses, we would choose of the first one two different items, of the second one three items, and of the last one we chose one item.  The Queen of Stepp, Keren, would bring us the food that we would pick, and we would not know what we were getting.  And two days before the meal we had that time to earn little gold and silver stars.  And we could use those to get other things of food.  The gold stars, we could pick what we wanted from the menu, and the silver stars, Keren, Queen of Stepp, would pick, and we wouldn't know what we were getting.  And of the first course, you would be getting your utensils and your plates.  And Douglas, when he was picking, did not get any plate, and got a giant Bowie knife.  And used it to pierce raisins. 

The Court Jester helping the Knight of Barnacle choose items on the menu.

My Dad, the Court Jester, cooking a piece of steak that he got over a candle, in a candle holder that I made out of clay that I bought. 

My mom, the Minstrel of Stepp, getting more food during the meal.

Douglas, Wizard of Barnacle.  Keren, Queen of Stepp.  Bobby, King of Stepp.  Lena, Queen Mother of Stepp.  Fynn, Knight of Barnacle.  Michael, Court Jester of Stepp. Bethany, Minstrel of Stepp.

These are the cards that we got two nights before the feast.  I sealed them with wax. 

This is the throne, and the crown that me and my mom made is on the back of the throne. 

We strung these on the ceiling for some of the decorations, with giant S's on them for Stepp.  They came from Keren and Bobby's wedding. 

This is a castle made of rice crispies, with chocolate poured over it, that Douglas made for Bobby. 

This is the cake that my mom made with one pound of chocolate in it, and a stencil of powdered sugar on the top.

Bobby, King of Stepp, holding up the card that I made him for his birthday.

Robert, King of Stepp, holding up a cat Mikey that I made of Fimo for his birthday.  Mikey, Bobby's cat, the barfing machine. 

This is Fynn, Knight of Barnacle, and Douglas, Wizard of Barnacle, and our friends, walking to the park with Bobby, King of Stepp.

The Feast is OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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