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Happy Camper


all but the cats write here ... to remember, to share, to mumble, to shout ... follow along by RSS or email if you like.

Happy Camper


Um ... I'm not too sure how to say this for fear you won't believe it.
But enough artwork sold to buy a camper and retrieve it. 
It is sitting in my driveway as we speak.  What's that? 
You still do not believe?   Lo!  Photographs ...

This is the cart I bart when you bart my art.

parked in the dark

parked in the dark

in the parking lart of the cart mart

in the parking lart of the cart mart

I am one pleased and thankful artist.  Thank you all.  I think if you go outside and stare up at the waxing moon you will see me at the wheel of a red white rig with a big GRIN, caravanning like E.T. on handlebars, not in front of, but right over the moon.  Really?  An artist can sell work AND buy a camper?  AND fly over the moon?  Oh look!  The pilot has cake on his dash he is eating.  I mean having.  I mean eating.  Whoa!  Watch out for that MOON!


The kids have pretty much moved in.  The heat isn't on but 35 degrees is perfect sleeping weather, right?  Apparently; They're in there again tonight.  Fynn spent a lot of the day running and jumping in the trailer.  Douglas hunkered up in his bunk in a book.  Bethany's locus is a swarm of bees moving into a new hive.  I, myself, am pleased as punch to have proven I could back a 50 foot vessel into the drive.  It continues to drizzle but it's melting the snow.  It seems that our dreams are granted a go. 

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